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Current status: revising Australian sogdine leiodids, describing new genera, identifying truffle beetles, preparing for Australian Beetles Vol. II.
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New paper: Reversible colour change in Arthropoda

February 2014

Reversible colour change is well-known in chameleons and cephalopods, but how do you change your stripes when your skeleton is on the outside? We explain everything this month in Biological Reviews.

Your Parasitic Pals: a colouring book

February 2014

The perfect activity for your entomology students, or a small child with unusual tendencies. Hard-copy and PDF download now in the ol' Etsy store!

Book chapter: Photonic crystals in Coleoptera

January 2012

Many weevils and longhorn beetles derive their extraordinary structural colours from three-dimensional photonic crystals. We describe the structural and taxonomic diversity of these crystals in Nature's Nanostructures, Amanda Barnard and Haibo Guo's delightful review of naturally occuring (organic AND inorganic!) nanomaterials.

Paper: Phylogeny of Coccinellidae

May 2011

There are more species of ladybirds than of all the rest of the Cerylonid Series families combined. What's the secret to their success? Find out in MPE. [DOWNLOAD]

Paper: What can morphology tell us about beetle phylogeny?

May 2011

Results of a collaboration between the best and brightest of the beetle world, also me. Now out in Annales Zoologici! [ABSTRACT]

New website.

August 2010