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I spent a lot of time helping my partner collect skinks this winter (summer? Whatever you call it when it’s December but also very warm out). Everywhere you go that has skinks also has brown snakes, scorpions, giant terror centipedes, and ants, ants, ANTS.


I have to admit this episode was… not without precedent. Bull ants, genus Myrmecia, are a unique and special part of the Australian insect fauna, noted for their visual acuity, aggressiveness, tendency to jump, and unbelievably painful/ intermittently deadly sting. Note also that in many photographs of these guys, they are looking directly into the camera, clearly saying “Oh? Oh you’re taking a picture? YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?”



More excellent Myrmecia (and other, lesser ant) portraits by Alex Wild are here, for your perusal and just ripping off without permission for your pest control company, because that’s totally cool.