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Not beetle-related per se, but the large, flightless, and delightful Madagascar hissing cockroach has been in the news lately. NSCU engineers, perhaps taking advantage of their university’s considerable assemblage of entomological expertise, found a way to direct the cockroaches’ hideous scuttling via remote stimulation of the cerci and antennae. More importantly, some news outlets are…»

Longtime readers of the original, largely-defunct American Beetles may recollect a series of posts back in the day, focusing on strange and horrifying things that beetles do. One of the best examples, of course, is the demure and lovely (also wingless and eyeless) leiodid Platypsyllus castoris, a beetle so weird it was once placed in…»

I spent a lot of time helping my partner collect skinks this winter (summer? Whatever you call it when it’s December but also very warm out). Everywhere you go that has skinks also has brown snakes, scorpions, giant terror centipedes, and ants, ants, ANTS.   I have to admit this episode was… not without precedent….»

Howdy! This is intended to be the new online home of the blog known as American Beetles. You may expect entomology, comics, artwork, and beetles.